Kicking Off the Patchogue Kiwanis The Eliminate Project 5 K Run are committee members sporting their Race Official vests. Shown here from the right are New York District Kiwanis Governor Elect, Albert Norato shaking hands with Patchogue Kiwanis Race Chairman, Nick Harding; Club President, Mark Charvat; Committee Members, Michael D’Ambrosio and Glen Charvat. The race will be held in Patchogue on Sunday, August 12th , 9:00 AM starting and finishing at Briarcliffe College. The proceeds have been designated to support The Eliminate Project initiated by Kiwanis International and UNICEF. The goal of the project is to raise $110 million by 2015. To be eliminated is maternal and neonatal tetanus, a swift and painful disease which kills one baby every nine minutes. The goal is to vaccinate 61 million women of child bearing age protecting them and their babies who are at risk of contracting the disease. The club has already donated $10,000 to the cause and now looks to expand its support. Further information about the race and the project may be obtained at

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